[TUTORIAL] How to Create The PERFECT Facebook Ad

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How create the perfect Facebook ad.

With this template, you will know exactly step by step what to do and how I'm setting up my Facebook ads so that they have great results.

Initially, I discovered this from Nicholas Kusmich. While I learned this from him, I have since enhanced this technique with my own successful methods.

Follow these nine steps to creating the perfect Facebook Ad

There are basically nine steps to the perfect Facebook ad. Just download the template on this page and go along with me.

The step number one of every ad is the Fan Page, also known as the Facebook page that you're promoting.

If you've seen the example below, you will see that I have my personal Facebook page, Hernan Vazquez.

If you're promoting from your company, you need to create a Facebook page in case you don't have it for two main reasons.

Number one: that inspires trust and that's the first thing that they will see.

Number two: your Facebook page, thanks to this, will start getting likes, shares and comments which means that you can later on re-target those people and create a custom audience out of people that interacted with your ads.

Step number two, in the first sentence or two sentences of my ads I'm calling out my market.

Why? Most people that see your ad, they will not click on it.

That's completely fine because you only want people clicking on your ad that are compelled by the ad.

On the Steps described above, what I usually do is to call them out.

How? First of all, “Are you” is a great way of calling them out.

If I was promoting my book, which I am and you will see an ad right here which is for this book, you will see that I am saying “Are you an entrepreneur or a marketer that wants to get more clients? (benefit), without spending more money on advertising” (problem).

The second way is “would you like.”

Would you like to get more clients without spending more money on advertising?

The third way that you can use is the “imagine this,”.

Imagine that you're getting more clients without spending more money on advertising.

But the main point of this step is to call them out, to address your target market.

Step three is rapport building. You will have a clear instruction on how to do that on the template which is free. Please download it.

Now think about this for a minute.

As human beings, we make decisions based on emotions and we justify them by logic.

That's the way we make purchasing decisions, we make decisions in general.

A great way of doing this is the “Feel, Felt, Found” formula.

If I wanted to promote my book, I would say, “I know you feel or you probably feel that you're not getting enough clients, that your business is not moving forward fast enough, that you're not growing fast enough. I know how you feel because I felt that in the past until I found … ”

That will take me to step number four, the benefits.

We mentioned, “Until I found these three techniques that have allowed me to get more clients without spending more money on advertising and here's what you're going to get.”

Then you can use bullets or lists of benefits.

Step number five is the call to action. Even if there's going to be a call to action at the bottom of the ad, I still want to add a call to action right at the end of the copy with a link. “Click here”, “Register now”, whatever that is.

Why? Because most people will not think that this is actually an ad!

They will not know that they need to click on the ad to actually get the thing you’re promoting!

Now, let's talk about the image which is step number six.

If you have ever done any Facebook advertising, the image is the number one asset of your ad because it takes up to 75 or 80% of the real estate of the screen.

The best images that have worked for me are “native images”.

Native images mean images that they don't look like an ad.

If you think about it, people are on Facebook sharing their family photos. They're sharing pictures with their friends.

When they see this ad, they’ll just think that I’m just another dude on Facebook. There's nothing wrong with that.

Now, step number seven would be the Headline of the ad.

What are you offering them once again?

On the book ad, what I say is, “[New book] How To Get More Clients Without Spending More Money On Advertising.”

Then step number eight and nine are the subheader which is at the bottom of the ad and then the button. These are two extra factors or elements that you can use to further increase conversions.

If you need to focus on just a handful of them, I would focus on The Image, The “Call Out” or the first sentence, and then Headline.

If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below.

And don’t forget you can get a copy of my book “How To Get More Clients Without Spending More On Advertising” by clicking here.

See you next time!


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