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5 Effective Ways to Brand Yourself And Look Like a Celebrity (Even If You’re Not One Yet)

Have you ever been ashamed by someone’s website or online presence? Have you ever entered in a website and thought “ugh, this definitely is not the guy I want to work with…”. On the contrary, have you ever been marveled by a website or a logo? Or even with someone’s business cards or profile picture?

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How To Design Effective Landing Pages, Increase Conversions and Lower Your Cost Per Lead?

Hey guys! Today I wanted to make a quick episode on Effective Landing Pages design. I see time and time again marketers sending people to their website’s homepage, and that’s not intelligent in my opinion. On the homepage of your website you have too many options for it to be an effective landing page. In

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2 Tricks To Increase Your Social Media Traffic Without Spending More Time Managing It

Hey guys! You may know already that in order to have some more social media traffic, you need to be everywhere. Gary Vaynerchuk recommends being a pioneer when it comes to creating social media traffic. Of course, unless you have a Media Outlet agency like he does, or a small army of Social Media Managers, that’s

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