How To Brand Yourself And Grow Your Business At The Same Time

Hey guys!

Welcome to the Episode #45 of The Hernan Vazquez Podcast!

Throughout my entire career I’ve always been growing brands (mostly other people’s brands).

However, since mid last year I decided to go ahead and brand myself as an expert and as an authority.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working full-time 24/7 to grow the companies I’m a partner of.

But since I’ve started the Podcast, the Facebook Group and posting in other blogs (like on Niche Hacks, Kikolani or Authority Hacker), all of my businesses have grown a lot as well.

In fact, has become one of the main traffic referrals for Semantic Mastery and Sisube.

So here is an episode dedicated to those that want to brand themselves but are still afraid that doing so will take away time from their current ventures.

If you position yourself correctly, there is no way you cannot grow your personal brand.

AND still reap the benefits for your companies as well!

So click on the play button above and let’s get crankin’!

Key Points of The Podcast Episode

  • How to Beat the Impostor Syndrome?
  • How to be Everywhere at the Same Time?
  • What’s the best platform to start branding yourself?
  • How to re-purpose your content to increase your efficiency?
  • How to know exactly what your audience wants you to help them with?

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