Monday In The Making #5 – $0,60 Cost Per Lead, Conversion Rates, Sales And More

Hey guys!

I hope you are doing amazingly well!

For this episode I wanted to make a quick update on how we are generating leads for the High Ticket Workshop I talked about here.

So far I have invested around $547 and got 909 new leads to my list. This is a nice $0,60 per lead.

The Self liquidating offer (My Facebook Magic Bullet System) is still not converting as well.

But I wanted to show you some updates before we’re actually making sales and recouping the investment back 😉

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Key Points of the Podcast

  • We have still a lot tweaking and testing to do for this funnel, but numbers are looking good!
  • We are working on the targeting and split testing prices.
  • If you want to check the webinar out, click here.

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