How to Become an Authority Hacker with Gael Breton

Hey guys!

Welcome to the episode 57 of The Hernan Vazquez Podcast.

Today I had the honor and the privilege of interviewing Gael Breton, from Authority Hacker

Gael is a complete Online marketer, able to work both in Inbound marketing and earned media as well as paid traffic. These days he works mostly on his own projects and a few selected clients. He also love sharing his learning’s online or during live events.

On this nuggets-packed interview we talk about the process of bringing Authority Hacker to one of the most prominent blogs in the Internet Marketing space, how he managed to make it work, how is he monetizing and a bunch of insights for those that want to increase their income and have a strong brand out there.

So if you’re want to make more money, be respected and also create a powerful brand people rave about, pay close attention because Gael makes an amazing job explaining it all!

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