2 Tricks To Increase Your Social Media Traffic Without Spending More Time Managing It

Hey guys!

You may know already that in order to have some more social media traffic, you need to be everywhere.

Gary Vaynerchuk recommends being a pioneer when it comes to creating social media traffic.

Of course, unless you have a Media Outlet agency like he does, or a small army of Social Media Managers, that’s kinda hard to pull off.

However, you can still be everywhere at the same time leveraging on two main strategies:

Content Repurposing and Automation.

Click on the Play button to learn how to use these for your business!

Key Points of the Episode

  • You need to be everywhere if you want to succeed in social media.
  • Some social networks will fit your business more than others, while some fit most of niches.
  • For content repurposing, you can head over to Episode 22.
  • For automation I use IFTTT, but there are other tools.

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